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Santorini Fava has been cultivated on a few precious acres of Santorini for over 3,500 years. The traditional cultivation conditions in arid fields, the processing in the hand mills and the maturation and drying conditions give this fava the special aroma and taste you will find nowhere else.

The Santorini tomato holds its own unique history. The variety originally comes from Egypt, and legend tells us a Catholic monk brought it across the sea centuries ago. Less romantic but more probable is a simple transit by the sea captains of Santorini. However the journey was actually made, the destination has proven hospitable: in Santorini the cherry tomato has found the ideal arid environment to grow.

The eggplant of Santorini is different. On our island you will find large white aubergines, delicious and sweet.

Capers are a shrub that can be found everywhere in Santorini. In the steep caldera, between the steppes and stairs, it grows through stone-built terraces and generally wherever there is a sufficient amount of soil. From the plant we collect both the flower and the leaves to salt in brine. You’ll see caper flowers on your walks if you look closely – search for off-white petals with purple stamens, reminiscent of tropical flowers.

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