Flower sculptures Exhibition of Vangelis Polyzos

The famous sculptor Vangelis Polyzos presents creations with his favorite metals, giving the form of flowers and plants.
Vangelis Polyzos started from Tzoumerka (Tsopelas village) at the age of thirteen years following the last teams of stone-workmen of Epirus. In Athens had to pass first from the construction works to reach the sculpture and jewelry. All this procedure made him an artist and this is reflected in his creations in many ways, especially with the respect and value that gives the material (iron, bronze, silver, titanium, amber etc.)
Constantine Bassios, art critic – art theorist, prefacing an exhibition catalog writes: “… In the tradition of all peoples uncontaminated environment -and more specifically the plant world – is a constant and inexhaustible source of inspiration. In the case of Polyzos this condition is repeated, but with a difference: his experiential association does not lead him to the most faithful possible expression of his impressions, but instead, deleting and rejecting standardized instruments and common ways, makes bold deductions, highlighting the deeper organic reality of nature. And this is underlined in all his projects.”