The Story

The Story of

Oia Vineyart

Oia Vineyart opened in the summer of 2015, presenting a modern showcase for the rich culture and gastronomy of Santorini. We aim to perfectly pair the unique wines of our local vineyards with the best cuisine of the Cyclades and Greece, all within a setting that’s off the well-trodden tourist path.Ours is a place where you can take your time and truly enjoy the spirit of an Aegean island.

We have refurbished an old Captain’s house and its wine cellar, filling it with every variety of wine being bottled on Santorini. We offer the famous cheeses of the Cyclades, cold Delicatessen meats from every corner of Greece, and traditionally smoked and marinated fish that are the signatures of the Aegean sea.

At our deli counter, you will find Chloro from Santorini, Arseniko from Naxos, Volaki from Andros, San Michalis from Syros, Kopanisti from Mykonos, Skotyri from Ios, Lutza from Tinos, Tonos from Alonnisos garnished with Santorini kapari and sun-dried kerasi domata.

Those words might not mean much to you yet. Come to our counter. We’ll invite you to smell the cheeses, sample the fish and pick your garnishes.

We’ll make those Greek words above into a rich platter of flavours to smoothly accompany a flight or two of wine.

Our kitchen will take you back in time with traditional recipes incorporating the best locally farmed ingredients: fava from Santorini, white eggplants, small round zucchini, lamb from Naxos with “hilopites” noodles, wild goat soup, and garlic pasta.

We look forward to welcoming you. Oia Vineyart is more than our restaurant, it is our home.

Come share it with us.