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Santorini – traditionally and officially named Thira – is the southernmost member of the 33-island Cyclades island chain in the South Aegean. Our island is only 73 km2 (28 mi2), but we boast over 1,400 hectares (5.4mi2) of indigenous vineyards.

Santorini’s vineyards constitute one of the most ancient viticultural regions of the Mediterranean zone, and indeed the world, with a history stretching back over 3,500 years. The volcanic composition and chemistry of the island’s soil have protected the vineyards from the parasite phylloxera, so the vines needed no replacement during the great phylloxera epidemic of the late 19th century. Since the Middle Ages, the island has been renowned for its very sweet, very strong dessert wine named “Vinsanto”. Santorini’s unique Vinsanto is still a source of local pride and is most certainly worth tasting while here.

Since 1980, Santorini’s traditional wine-growers have incorporated modern, innovative vinification methods while remaining steadfastly loyal to their historical roots. As a result, Santorini is now known for producing highly-regarded, complex wines of exceptional quality. While being famous for its white wine varieties – such as Athiri, Aidani and the dominant variety of Assyrtiko – which constitute 80% of the viticultural region of the island, the remaining 20% does produce the red wine varieties Mandilaria and Mavrotragano. Today you can experience the exceptional results of 21 wine producers and 13 modern-facility wineries in one place: our place.

And for the aficionado (or the aspiring enthusiast): take note that we are more than just a long, wide, flat wine list. We are at our best when you work with us to create a geometrical path of tastes.

We go horizontal – picking a year and compare the producers We go vertical – following one specific bottling from one winery over the course of years. We’ll follow you, or we’ll guide you along. Let’s go exploring.